Dietary Grant

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The Dietary Grant is a monthly grant of TT$600.00 per person for the purchase of specific and prescribed dietary foods for persons suffering from diseases such as diabetes and heart disease.

Am I eligible?

To qualify for this grant you must be a needy person, such as someone receiving financial assistance from the state, who is suffering from an ailment such as diabetes or heart disease where a special diet is prescribed.  Please note that application for this grant must be accompanied by a referral from a doctor in a Health Centre, along with relevant diet sheet and/or prescription.

How do I apply?

You must visit the Social Welfare Division office in your district and speak to an officer.  Follow the link below for a list of office locations.  The officer will fill out an application form and your application will be reviewed.

Social Welfare Division Offices

What documents do I need?

  • Detailed letter of referral from the local health centre treating the particular problem.
  • Documentary evidence from a Government Medical Officer that you need a special diet.
  • Medical report where applicable.  Follow the link below to obtain a Medical Officer's Report Form, to be completed by your medical practitioner and presented along with the documents listed above.

Medical Officer's Report Form

Where can I find more information?

For more information on how to apply for this grant and the eligibility criteria, please contact the Social Welfare Division office in your district.

Social Welfare Division Offices

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